Show work that represents your unique perspective: Ben Major on standing out and getting that first creative job.

We sat down with talent expert Ben Major to discuss discovering passionate creatives, modernising archaic job boards, and why remote work enables opportunity.

Can you walk me through your talent discovery process?


We try to cast a wide net through diverse job boards, community groups, and social media. It's not just about skillset — we look for people who are truly passionate about their work and find meaning in creative roles. You can tell when someone is doing it just to tick boxes versus when it's their whole world. We want to uncover talent in unexpected places beyond the usual channels, the key is making the effort to show up everywhere so candidates can discover us too.


What makes a good recruiter?


Curiosity and interest are so important early on. If you love it, you'll go the extra mile. Recruiters who are genuinely curious about people and what they do build natural trust and uncover information to represent candidates better. The longer I'm in this industry, the more curious you have to be about everything happening — gaming, tech, entertainment, culture. Having your finger on the pulse informs conversations and advice.

How has the industry outlook changed regarding entry level and junior roles?


With brands demanding cheaper services and agencies cutting costs, wages at the entry level have stagnated. Most roles now want some experience already, but young people can't get experience because no true entry level jobs exist. 


Low salaries at this level adversely affects low socially mobile people because they don't have the means and support structure to live on that amount. It also means it’s so much tougher to move to London to take up these roles when you don't already live here. Young people are turning away from our industry and turning to others that can pay them fairly.


What advice would you offer aspiring creatives trying to get a foot in the door?


Keep trying and don't get discouraged. Ironically, try to avoid recruiters and target account people, strategists, and other agency roles. With luck and timing, you'll find someone who's not too busy to chat and help. Even small conversations can pay off down the line. Networking and persistence are key when you have no experience.

Specifically regarding creative roles, what do you look for in portfolios?


Work that represents your unique perspective and point of view. Don't do derivative work just because it's a "hot" area like NFTs. Showcase what you authentically love. Diversity comes from welcoming different tastes and opinions, not people all imitating the same style.


How has remote work impacted talent discovery and engagement?


For diversity and inclusion, remote work has been brilliant. People can now succeed working from anywhere, meaning our talent pool is bigger than ever. I've personally enjoyed better work-life balance since moving out of London. But it takes thoughtful leadership and an intentionally inclusive culture to keep distributed teams engaged. Fostering togetherness remotely remains a hurdle for many companies.

Where would you like to see the industry headed when it comes to entry level talent and diversity?


I hope we see real innovation around accessible creative education. Schools are constrained with budget cuts and a bias toward STEM focused subjects, while current industry programs feel performative. We need robust, equitable social learning that doesn't discriminate geographically or economically. I also dream the archaic job board system will be reimagined. Job specs today are overwhelming and exclusionary. We need to rethink how we articulate opportunities while showcasing organisational culture.

Any last advice on getting the most from your career?


Have a real focus on where you want to get to and take strategic moves to get there. Observe and absorb from the people around you. Steal the brilliant approaches of gifted colleagues. But also learn from toxic behaviours which you want to avoid. Each job is a chance to add new skills to your repertoire. Surround yourself with those who inspire you to be your best self.


Thanks Ben!




Ben Major

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